The near is never the distant

I sit on the beach and stare at the sea. Out there where the ocean in foggy gray disappears it must be.
Behind the near is always somewhere far away the distant. Hidden, blurred, distorted. Always. But never close. Never tangible. But sometimes, when I getting into it, it touches me – from behind.

Especially at a time when the perception of the near inflationary has increased, a closer look to the distant deserves special attention. Especially because the near often tries to look like the distant. Tele Vision? Wrong. It's Near Vision which pretends to be seeing in the distance. Notebook? Smartphone ? Closer and closer.
In this investigation the study of the horizon is a corollary.

On the way of the distant to me something happened. It has changed. It has been distorted, overlapped by the middle. Mutilated and recorded. Several layers, disturbances, additions, irritations lie between the horizon and the viewer. They document the way to the here and now.

The moments in between

I try in this work to make visible as many manifestations of the between. The faults are deliberately not suppressed. Atmospheric disturbances, humidity, light refraction, suspended particles, dust, rain drops, vignetting, pollution, blur, the noise of the camera sensor, compression artifacts, color shifts. All remain visible. As witnesses. They illustrate the impossibility to grasp the horizon to preserve.

And yet the process is slowed at arbitrary point, stopped, printed. Three thousand six hundred images. And in all of them is not directly visible what it is all about. It is just that which is not visible in all images of this series and yet latent, lurking, is spiritually present, reappears only in the longing, the dream and the imagination of the recipient. Available in all form and yet in no. It connects and is revealed through this connection.
By showing the in-between, I try to approach what lies just behind of all.

The serial works as an organism

For me, the images of the work Distortions on Horizon ( N05113 O00124 ) are a type of organism. Taken and held in the same place at any given moment of time, they now exist simultaneously but spread out in space.

Maturity and value (a+v)*1,001t

The current price of an image is derived from a formula and is continuously calculated on the website. So a new, additional temporal dimension is added.

The price is calculated using the formula (a+v)*1,001t where a is the starting price of 250, v are the number of images already sold and t is the elapsed time in days since the start date (01.05.2014). Prices are in Swiss Francs (CHF).


The photographs were taken in the years 2011 to 2013. Always in the same place (N 051 ° 13 'E 001 ° 24'), the view to the east.

The images are materialized as Fine Art inkjet prints on Hahnemühle Bamboo art paper 297 × 210 mm. From each photograph only one print is made.

Distortions on Horizon - Part 8500-3082-0022-5026

Distortions on Horizon - Part 7010-5071-2030-4039

Distortions on Horizon - Part 7990-3170-8023-3018

Distortions on Horizon - Part 8710-3050-8024-4005

I sell the pictures individually, in groups or as installations.

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Manuel Ruetschi